Our Services?

This company monitors customers’ mission critical data network infrastructure relentlessly from Network Operations Center (NOC). Being staffed round the clock, this unique NOC has the industry’s most sophisticated technologies, including:

  • 1. 24/7 monitoring, alerts, and resolution to minimize downtime
  • 2. Full administrative web portal access to provide a window into your network’s performance
  • 3. Remote access via web interface so customers can enable remote control of any IP-enabled device
  • 4. Full access to real-time and historical reporting tools to allow custom views and reports

Managed AV Network Services

Customers can put their faith in the hourly video network operations center (VNOC) services to remotely administer and supervise their AV systems, so that no equipment failures or system outages occur during crucial meetings. Assistance is just a phone or video call away.

  • 1. Help desk support for questions and video conference call assistance
  • 2. Support options during normal business hours as well as a 24/7 option
  • 3. Video call recording to the cloud or your local drives

Why Use Our Video Network Operations Center

This enterprise offers video monitoring and management services alongside Zoom video services. This all-encompassing video solution provides support and ease of use to allow end users retain their peace of mind during video conferences. The company provides:

  • 1. Video conference technicians who schedule, launch, and troubleshoot video calls to ensure success
  • 2. Virtual attendant administration of meetings for recording, muting, and chat help for smoother calls
  • 3. Zoom’s mobile and security features for safe and easy conferencing, content sharing, and more
  • 4. Personal meeting URL and options for 50 to 500 participants to meet your organization’s needs

Staffing Solutions

IT staffing solutions reduce the burden on overworked teams which frequently also have to manage tasks other than their primary duties. Staffing services can augment the IT team, which makes them more proficient.

  • 1. Help for your IT department to streamline operations
  • 2. More time for your high-level IT talent to plan, innovate and deliver better user experiences
  • 3. Staffing options for more flexibility for your team

Why Use Our Staffing Services?

The customer’s team becomes much more resourceful when aided by this franchise’s experienced personnel, which boosts the staff in several ways, including:

  • 1. Staff dedicated full time to your environment so they are knowledgeable about your needs
  • 2. On-site IT specialists that integrate with your existing team to provide enhanced services
  • 3. Assistance with help desk support, imaging projects, streamlining everyday maintenance, and more

Value Added Services

This enterprise offers the necessary supervision and management to improve the technology infrastructure of the client’s organization. Additional services, such as technology system reviews, moves-adds-changes (MAC), maintenance services and consulting, vendor support, are also provided.

  • 1. Customized solutions from scratch to deliver quantifiable value to end users
  • 2. Collaboration across teams to ensure smooth, timely project delivery and integration
  • 3. Consultative approach that considers your organization’s history, needs, and infrastructure

Why Use Our Integration and Consultation Services?

The company’s integrators and consultants help in executing new technologies and business applications using a proven framework that ensures customer satisfaction. They provide:

  • 1. Strategies for improved technical infrastructure and operational efficiencies to reduce costs
  • 2. Professionals certified by partners like Cisco, VMware, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Panasonic, and more
  • 3. Accelerated deployment and integration to realize gains and drive operational efficiencies